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Richard Rowley is an Oscar nominated and 3-time Emmy winning director. His films have won Television Academy Honors, the DuPont-Columbia Award, the George Polk Award, multiple Peabody Nominations, and have been honored at festivals around the world.Rowley's Oscar nominated feature Dirty Wars (2013) was the culmination of ten years as a war reporter in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the lesser known battlegrounds of America's war on terror. Since then, Rowley has turned his lens on our domestic racial nightmare. His 2019 feature for Showtime, 16 Shots, won Television Academy Honors and a Peabody nomination for its unflinching look at the police murder of Laquan McDonald and the cover-up that followed. His Emmy-winning series Documenting Hate (2018) unmasked an underground Nazi fight-club and a terrorist cell. The series received a DuPont Award, and prompted an FBI investigation that led to dozens of arrests. His latest film, Kingdom Of Silence, the untold story of the life and death of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, won Rowley his third Emmy.

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