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Sergio Myers is a successful show-runner, reality TV docu-series creator and feature film director. Myers created the first female docs-series for MTV 'Sorority Life', produced 'King of the Road' series for Viceland, produced and wrote episodes for the highly successful series E! True Hollywood Story, EP and show runner for National Geographic Australia series 'Croc Catchers NT.Over the years Myers has experimented in all areas of the arts with his feature film 'The Zombinator', feature documentary 'Heavens Gate: The Untold Story', his award winning feature rapumentary 'Becoming Pony Boi', and most recently reality TV series Car Vs America powered by Jalopnik for Fusion TV, King of the Road with Thrasher Magazine for Viceland, Croc Catchers NT for National Geographic Channel Australia and USA. He has also produced series for New Zealand and Australia TV.Myers career as a Director/Producer began by, winning the EBE Award for his documentary about the Heaven's Gate Cult. Myers secured access into this controversial cult. Millions of viewers all over the world watched this story unfold and was only told how these people died and Sergio Myers wanted to show how they lived. The film won the EBE Award for Best Documentary, and was presented at the Margaret Mead Film Festival.Throughout his career Myers has also enjoyed an life as a rap artist, from his 2006 album Who Woulda Thought to his 2020 electronic/dance single 'Spending Money' Featuring international house DJ and Producer Roland Clark.Myers directed and Executive Produced his latest feature film '223 Wick', set to release in 2022.

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