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Tomer Oz was born in Israel where he started his martial art experience. Ever since he was a young boy he started practicing in his hometown and after his army service he traveled around the world pursuing his professional martial art dream. Tomer trained three years in NYC then moved to Thailand where he trained and fought professionally. There, he received his Muay Thai certificate as an instructor which lead him to opening his own gym in China. From there he got discovered by the Jackie Chan team. Tomer's childhood hero's were Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Today, Tomer is an action actor who worked alongside top action stars from Hollywood and Asia. Tomer's personal biggest achievement is starring next to Jackie Chan, and working closely with the Jackie Chan team. He worked with Jackie Chan in six different films. "Dragon Blade" was one movie that made his mark in the industry. He his a co-star in Jackie's film "Vanguard". Tomer Oz was also the fight choreographer for Orlando Bloom's film "Smart Chase". Another amazing achievement of his is moving from stunt work into acting. Additionally, Tomer held lead roles in major cinema films such as Sky Hunter, working alongside Fan Bing Bing. Tomer Oz resides in Los Angeles.

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