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Serbian-born actor and stuntman Tihomir "Tika" Dukic is the perfect example of the American dream. Dukic has been featured in several films, including Equalizer (2014) starring Oscar-award winner Denzel Washington, 37 (2014) and Exit Strategy (2015). A former professional boxer and kick boxer, Dukic's riveting combat scenes with Denzel Washington made for unforgettable screen time. He recently filmed an episode of the much-anticipated "Training Day" television show starring Bill Paxton.Dukic's striking looks, talent, work ethic and unique combat skills led to a prolific commercial acting career and his foray into feature films, such as First Strike (2009), Swishbucklers (2010) and a cameo in Battleship (2012). The Equalizer is Dukic's second film with renowned Training Day director Antoine Fuqua; in Exit Strategy, he has a memorable fight scene opposite Ethan Hawke.Arriving in Hollywood over a decade ago, Dukic's charisma, unique athletic skills and extensive martial arts background earned him a reputation among Hollywood celebrities and athletes as one of the best fitness and kickboxing coaches in Los Angeles. His access to the entertainment community, coupled with his love for film, inspired him to pursue a career in acting.Dukic is attached to two upcoming projects, the zombie film Punk's Undead (2017)) and Victrix, an epic drama about Rome's empire in Britain. In addition, Dukic has appeared as a principal in numerous commercials for brands including GMC, McDonald's, Showtime, Snickers and Verizon, among others.

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