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TJ Quicksilver (aka T. Jon Cuenca) is an actor, martial artist, & stuntman based in Las Vegas, NV. A Level 18 Master Instructor in the Filipino Martial Art of Kali, his proficiency in bladed, blunt force, projectile and flexible weaponry is exceeded only by his love of the performing arts. His charming personality and wit are not evident in the roles that he plays, but given the chance to play meatier roles he can prove that he is more than a menacing sneer with a blood encrusted blade. With a doctorate degree in Dental Medicine, TJ chose to become a performer after a devastating hand injury. His martial arts skills became apparent to stunt choreographer Sid Liufau and through Sid's tutelage, TJ learned the fine art of stunt choreography. TJ started his own stunt studio called LV Movie Masters in 2009 but soon closed it due to the lack of work in the Nevada film industry. His new passion is in the sport of competitive knife and tomahawk throwing where he ranks as an expert thrower and is a Certified Master Instructor under the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame. His wife, Melody Joy Cuenca, is an eleven time world champion in Knife and Tomahawk throwing. Together, they own and operate the world's largest indoor professional knife throwing range called The Superhero Foundry, in Las Vegas, NV.

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