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Selena was born on her grandmother's vast rural estate. Tales of tradition and folklore were shared around the cooking fire. Grandmother rose at dawn to the crow of roosters to work the land. She would dream wishes as a child into the well where water was drawn. Great-grandmother sat in her rocking chair weaving her tapestry. Fashionably educated in England, her parents named her in homage to Artemis twinning her Chinese name.Her early childhood was filled with piano stage recitals and dance performances. She indulged in role-playing at four, her favorite role being maestra to a class. Detective roles were played out intensely with her brothers as they emulated their heroes from Hawaii Five-0. She grew up with a penchant for Greek mythology, Shakespearean drama and Chinese calligraphy, winning a Dux of English Literature award at highschool. She was active in school stage performances of A Midsummer's Night Dream and musical theatre pieces including Hernando's Hideaway from The Pajama Game and Who Will Buy from Oliver. Selena has a double degree in business and Italian. She aims at completing a doctorate in science.Her first on-screen role as co-protagonist in an ensemble cast in the hit cult teenage movie Wan 9 Zhao 5 explored the lives and loves of five teenage friends and their mis-adventures with sex, alcohol and disco in the trendy Lan Kwai Fong district in Hong Kong. She won a Utrecht scholarship to attend DAMS at Unibo Academy of Performing Arts where she studied in Italian. In Abel Ferrara's Go Go Tales shot in Cinecitta' she plays a young Juliard School music student who dances at a go-go club by night to pay for her tuition. In the Nikita-inspired film Two Tigers she plays a Kung-fu fighting prostitute who befriends a female assassin and eventually kills the man who betrays her. For her role in the theatre production of Mathematics and the Impertinent directed by Fabio Massimo Iaquone, pioneer in the digital meta-theatre space, she plays the on stage assistant to renown author and logic professor, Piergiorgio Odifreddi. She toured Italy and Switzerland for two years with the show exploring existentialism and religion using mathematic logic as presented by Odifreddi, Director of the Festival of Mathematics in Rome.

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