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Stuntman and actor Roydon Elwood Clark was born on April 15, 1928 in Dalton, Pennsylvania. One in a family of eight children (said family was made up of crop tenders and migrant farm workers), Roydon starting in 1942 spent his summers around the Hudkins stables which provided livestock and wagons for Western films. Clark was taken in by the Hudkins family after his family separated and worked for twenty-five dollars per week pitching hay, taking care of the horses, and doing general chores around a stable. Roydon began his career as an actor and stuntman in Westerns for director Joseph Kane at Republic Pictures. Among the notable actors that Clark doubled for are Errol Flynn, James Garner, Sean Connery, and Joe Don Baker. Moreover, Roydon did volunteer work for four years as a stunt safety investigator for the Directors Guild of America as well as worked as both a stunt coordinator and second unit director on a handful of TV movie follow-ups to the hit TV series Deux cent dollars plus les frais (1974).

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