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Known as one of the hardest working impresarios in New England, Vangeli Entertainment Founder Roman Vangeli has developed a near-cult following due to his work as a model, actor, and independent movie producer.The Pawtucket (RI) native got his start in the entertainment industry in 2006 as a male model. After months of performing in the region's largest fashion shows in front of thousands of people, Vangeli's work ethic resulted in him being crowned "Best Male Model" at the 2007 New England Talent Awards.While racking up major model bookings in New York City, Vangeli enrolled in the New York Film Academy to study movie production. His studies emboldened him to create Vangeli Entertainment, a multi-platform company created to produce independent movies, reality TV programs, fashion shows, and talent concerts.Based on local industry analytics, Vangeli viewed himself as the number one fashion show producer in Rhode Island during 2013 after successfully producing must-see fashion shows and in-demand talent concerts. He has also honed his media production skills through the launch of a reality-TV show and the creation of his first feature-length movie, Redemption After Death (2017).Vangeli has done extensive background acting work in such Hollywood movies as Equalizer (2014), Le juge (2014), The Opposite Sex (2014), Agents presque secrets (2016), and American Nightmare 3: Élections (2016)._

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