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Robert Dixon grew up in a small town, in California called Granite Bay. His parents were not around for the first few years of his life, so his grandparents, Gwendoline and Donald Monroe, took care of Robert till his parents returned when he was three. After that his parents took on the role of raising him, while still living in the grandparents house. They were Bonnie and Robert Dixon, who for reasons couldn't be there, during his first 3 years of childhood, but have been there ever since and are supporting him now in his life and choices. Robert attended Franklin Elementary, then proceeded to Del Oro High School for his high school education. At the high school, as well as in elementary school, he was always theatrical and participated and hosted many of the talent shows and theater productions. The first play he acted in was, " William Tell", in a production company called Drama Kids, in Roseville, California, where he was the lead. That was one of his first ever stage performances, to be followed by many more with such including; "The Music Man", "Cinderella", "The Apple Tree", a stage version of "Saturday Night Live", "Repo the Genetic Opera" shadow cast, "Rocky Horror Picture Show" shadow cast, and "Moon Over Buffalo". He has also been working on films with director Rene Perez of IDIC Entertainment.

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