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Robert Amstler was born in Vienna, Austria and started working out as a teenager in Austria with the enthusiastic encouragement of his father who had competed in the Olympics. With his good genetics, he got results fast and was encouraged to compete in various competitions in Austria, many of which he won. In 2005, Robert was widely seen as the new Brawny paper towel spokesperson. He was selected as a photo double for Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film Terminator 3 - Le soulèvement des machines (2003) and also starred in Flight plan (2005) with Jodie Foster. In 2004, Robert gained reality show notoriety when he became a finalist in the prime-time dating show Cupid. America loved Robert and voted him in until the final episode. He didn't win but he did win America's heart! He also appeared in television commercials for Bud Light and Marriot (with Joan Collins). Robert has appeared on the cover of over 20 magazines including Health (2 times on the cover), AHF (two times on the cover), Physical, Muscle Media, Sport and Fitness (three times on the cover), Wellness and many more.

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