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Mitchell Yee is a Writer/Director based in Southern California.Mitchell went on to Citrus College and learned Stage Craft, working with the Haugh Performance Arts Theatre. It was here he met his filming partner, Yury Chia (who passed in 2009). The two dreamed of working at Pixar/Disney. After her passing Mitchell went on to study at Art Center College of Design.Since graduating he has worked for Pixar, The Walt Disney Studios, and Walt Disney Imagineering as freelance within the production world.Since then, Mitchell has worked on films such as Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3, and working with many influences including Christopher Nolan, Rich Moore, and Samuel Goldwyn. While maintaining his presence in film, he makes fitness a priority in which he has lost 125lbs. His writing has been featured in and various websites. "The Fisherman" his personal film has won multiple awards and is featured at the Asian Pacific Film Festival in 2013. His influences include Muhammad Ali, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and John Lassiter. He is currently working on his first animated short "ACLO" and his personal short film "The Emperor".

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