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Michael was born April 20, 1953 in Whittier, California. He attended the Saint Mary's Catholic School in "uptown" Whittier for 1st through 7th grades. In June of 1966 his family moved to the city of Placentia in Orange County, California, where Michael attended El Dorado. At the time, the school was still under construction and offered only the 7th through 10th grades... making it more than a middle school but less than a high school. At the end of each of the following two years, the school added an upper level class and dropped a lower level. Michael has the unusual honor to have graduated from El Dorado twice... once as an 8th grader in June of 1967, and again 4 years later in June of 1971 as a senior. Michael then attended the California State University at Fullerton, California (then only a State College}.In the late 90s, as the result of a lost bet, Michael began modeling for a local art class. The wager caused him to model one time at Fullerton Community College, but his natural nude ability impressed instructors so that they passed his name along to other teachers. By the end of 1999 Michael was on the model roster at all colleges, universities and art workshops in Southern California.In early 2000 he was contacted by an art director associated with Sony Pictures Imageworks Studios in Culver City, California, and based upon his robust stature and his superior reputation as an art-model, Michael was brought in to work with their CG animators to create the character of The Mountain Troll for the first of the Harry Potter films. This led to Michael's growing body of work as an actor.It was easy for Michael to make the jump to film and television where his enthusiasm, openness and creativity continue to entertain and amuse. Just as his work as a fine arts nude model taught him to share completely for artists, his ability to be totally open for strangers gave him the confidence to be in front of a camera with an ease respected by others. Michael's natural talent for comedy and drama has served him well in his projects.Michael is the "go-to" guy for any project needing a totally unabashed male. He has proudly shared his skin for many films and popular television programs.

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