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Mars , was born Cheung Wing-fat in Hong Kong. As a child he was sent to learn Peiking Opera at Madame Fan Fok-fa's "The Spring and Autumn Drama School", which was considered the rival school to Yu Jim-yuen's China Drama Academy, where the 7 Little Fortunes (Jackie Chan,Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Biao Yuen, etc.) were trained. He began his film career early, appearing as the "Sand Demon" in 1966's Xi you ji (1966). As he got older he became a stuntman playing small fighting roles in many films, he worked together Jackie Chan on films in 1971 the two became best friends, it was also around this time that the name "Mars" which became his stage name around 1971, was suggested by an action director, due to his nickname on stage being Martian Monster. He became a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team and was regular player in Jackie's movies, but also had some prominent roles in many of Sammo Hung's movies too such as; Za jia xiao zi (1979) and Bo ming dan dao duo ming qiang (1979). He was with the team for at least 20 years and as an actor appeared in over 120 movies. One of his most memorable onscreen appearances was as Jackie's co-star in Dragon Lord (1982) where the duo face off against Korean super-kicker In-shik Hwang.

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