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Logan Fry was born William Logan Fry in Columbus, Ohio in September, 1944. The son of a Federal Administrative Law Judge and an elementary school teacher, he graduated from Oberlin College in 1967 and Case Western University Law School in 1970, concurrently serving in Artillery, then Judge Advocate General, units of the United States Army Reserve. In addition to reserve duty, Logan earned his tuition by working on the family Christmas tree farm near Akron, Ohio, as a janitorial assistant in a rubber company research lab, a shipping and receiving clerk in a light fixture factory, a rake and shovel man for a landscaping company, a food runner in the college dining hall and a night bellman at the local Holiday Inn.Acting wasn't even a wayward thought in his early years; and his first career was as attorney serving successively in the Law Department of the City of Cleveland, Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Goodyear Atomic Corporation (which operated the Piketon uranium enrichment plant) and private practice. He retired in 1987 to become a world-class weaver, and an artist, writer and web designer. Logan has traveled the world, from active war zones in the Middle East to the brothels of Amsterdam and San Francisco.Acting was a fluke, an opportunity that presented itself when Spider-Man 3 (2007) came to Cleveland, Ohio. Logan was hired on as a precision driver for scenes with Sandman attempting his escape from Spider-Man in an armored truck. Although he had no formal training, he was hooked. Since then, he has done background work in major studio films projects like Je suis une légende (2007), L'Honneur d'un Marine (2009), Real Steel (2011), Le monde fantastique d'Oz (2013) and Gotham (2014); as well as event participant, soldier, zombie or undead in regional independent film. Background in major film built knowledge--the opportunity to see the greatest directors and actors at work; while featured work in indies like Death of the Dead (2011), 25 Hill (2011) and Revenge of the Spacemen (2014) provided confidence in speaking roles.More recently, Logan has undertaken the production and direction of his own film, starting with micro-short film, and proceeding into short feature, often performing every role and task of the filmmaking process. Success has come swiftly, and his films have screened not only in his home state of Ohio, but also such venues as NYC, Fargo, ND and Muskogee, MO. He counts Robert Rodriguez as a primary inspiration: ferocious self-confidence, independence and resourcefulness. Necessary qualities for the independent filmmaker.A note on stunts: Logan is primarily an actor, not a stunt actor. Where stunts are shown in filmography, it is where Logan has performed his own stunts, instead of relying on a stunt extra. In Spider-Man 3 (2007), he was both a precision driver and pedestrian background; in Death of the Dead (2011) and Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption (2011), he took his own hits and falls; and in Bunker of Blood (2011), he had his first introduction to the use of squibs. All clearly stunt work, but not his primary role in each of these films. They represent a way, instead, of bringing more complexity to each his characters.

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