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Les Mahoney is an actor well-known for edgy and quirky characters, both comedic and dramatic. From con men to psycho killers to the president of the Chewbacca Fan Club of North America, Les has a knack for the eccentric.Les is also an accomplished filmmaker, having produced the Film Noir comedy "Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off", the spy thriller "Available" and the new horror-thriller "At Granny's House", each of which has won Grand Jury prize awards at film festivals, and each of which are now available streaming around the world on Amazon Prime and VHXIndividually, Les won the Best Actor award for his portrayal of the Film Noir private eye Mike Case in "Mike Case in: The Big Kiss Off", and is a prolific actor, with over 70 film, television and commercial credits since 2008.Les wrote, produced and directed the spiritual comedy "Asian Treasure" which was filmed in eight different countries in 2015-2016, and which will premiere in 2018.Les has written numerous screenplays, all in the Vagabond Entertainment production pipeline, including "Cornstalked" (adapted from the book of the same name by Patricia Bremmer), "Dancing with Rip", and "It's Good to be a Gangster".Les is married to fellow producer Tammy Ridenour, and has two children, Brendan and Jillian, and two granddaughters, Adelita and Fair.

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