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Kru Lundy is British Actor Born in Liverpool, England. He started his career in acting due to his passion for the craft and for producing the art in his lifetime love for TV/Film. Kru Lundy has appeared on Sky TV series, Feature films and Multi Award winning short films that has conquered film festivals. His training has included attending the famous Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood USA, The New York Film Academy, Burbank in Los Angeles and Act Up North in Manchester UK were he has been mastering acting for many years. As well as acting Kru is a UK renowned Hall Of Fame Award winning Martial Arts Expert, performing on the main stages for the elite martial artists with his successful stage combat martial arts demonstration team using unarmed combat and sword fighting. He has produced English, British, European, World Champion and competitors for Team Great Britain. Kru is also a Producer and Writer, of which his first film 'Wrath' has been nominated for Best Drama and his acting, as Kru played the lead actor, has been nominated for Best Actor for the New York Film Festival Cinefest 2022.

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