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Kevin Lavell Young was born January 30, 1990 in Chattanooga, Tn. He is the youngest of three boys born to ministers John and Mary Young. Kevin has always had a special reverence for performing arts growing up under the influence of his father, a playwright and producer. After graduating from high school in Mobile Alabama Kevin received a scholarship for theatre from Alabama State University. At ASU he mastered the craft of performance under the direction and inspiration of Dr. Tommie Tonea Stewart. Kevin became an honored graduate from Alabama State University earning a bachelor's degree in Performing arts in December, 7 2012.In August 2012 he began teaching secondary education and performing arts to troubled teens at Saving the Youth Foundation. Since that time he has been a diligent leader over the Theatre Department at Solid Rock Ministries which is growing to be one of the most effective ministries in the Southern region of Alabama.With his comedic skills, acting versatility and charismatic personality he had no difficulty fulfilling his passion for performing arts. He made his first big screen appearance in Rage (2014) with Nicolas Cage. He is now working in pursuit of more films, comedy shows, stage plays, and television work to further enhance his acting career.As he travels on his journey to success he carries God by his side as a devoted Christian and student minister. He has had the opportunity to share his gifts and talents with a variety of people across the United States hoping to change the lives of everyone he encounters.

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