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Kevin Deon is an Actor/Coach/Director/Filmmaker.Kevin Deon has been acting since 1983 as a student of Stanislavski and Meisner methods under many of Americas great teachers including Irene Gilbert in 1986. Kevin Deon also studied the Art of Directing under favorite mentor Nina Foch.Kevin Deon founded the Entertainment Artists of America in 1996 as an alternative to expensive industry scam companies. Created to give potential entertainers a safe place to learn skills and become professional actors. The E.A.A began hiring instructors who taught viable skills in the all areas of Entertainment 1999 including Directing and Stunt work classes.Kevin Deon moved to Las Vegas in 2001 and changed the name of his company to the Las Vegas Film Artists. This Entertainment Network and Arts Education Programs became a huge hit allowing the company to grow to be the largest of its kind in the History of Nevada. In the spring of 2012 the LV FTA had over 800 members of the Entertainment Industry, encompassing all aspects of Filmmaking and Television Production.Kevin Deon has continued his passion for entertainment as a Filmmaker and Writer/Director for several Las Vegas based Television. Expanding into Reality shows Kevin Deon has worked with Charo, Cirque Du Soleil and Joe Jackson among other Las Vegas Personalities. Kevin Deon continues to win awards as an Instructor and Filmmaker.

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