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Katana Ren is a Filipino-American performer. She was born and raised in the Philippines until she was nine years old and then immigrated to the United States. Her childhood was full of exposure to dance, music, fashion, theater arts and sports in which she actively participated and excelled. At age five, she enrolled in ballet, jazz and modern dance. At an early age, she enjoyed the attention she received from entering school pageants, declamation, folk dance and literary competitions. She discovered her love for music when she joined the school orchestra playing the double bass. She attended St. Scholastica's Academy where she played Calypso in the school's local Thespian Club production. She is a graduate of the University of St. La Salle and finished with a degree in Hospitality Management, double major in Business and Accountacy. Within this period she composed two original tracks on the violin for a college play "Sa Balay Ni Mamang" (House of Mother), which was well-received from the community and by one of the Philippine's well-known directors, Peque Gallaga. She has collaborated events with DJ Quest of the Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travellerz and DJ Clyde Harris shortly before pursuing a career in acting. Her first few projects included small features in Last Vegas, Inner Demons, and Infected. She has since dedicated most of her time learning and re-learning various acting methods and participating in film projects. She is a student of Wu Shu kung fu and tribal belly dance.

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