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Lau Kar Yung is the grandson of Lau Cham (Lau Jaam). Kar Yung is the son of Lau jaam's second daughter and is also Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Wing's nephew. His birth last name is Ho, and He loves kung fu since young. He was five years old, He has followed Lau Shiu Yee (Mother) to learn Lau's Family Hung Ga kung fu, Chinese herbal medicine at Lau cham's martial arts school. He also joined the Lau Kar Ban(Liu Jiaban)/ Lau's brothers and changed his name to actor name "Lau Kar Yung ". He is the Grandmaster of Lau's Family and he continues spreading the lineage across the globe. An additional family member was added for The 6th generation apprentice, representing Germany Master Jau and Mexico Master James Valentino Santi.

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