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John Catheline was born October 14, 1978 in Youngstown, Ohio. He attended school at Chaney High school on the city's West Side, where he graduated in 1997. While he was in his senior year of high school, he started training for Professional Wrestling with Preston Steele's IWA School of Professional Wrestling. He currently wrestles for many different promotions (Mega Championship Wrestling, Real Action Pro Wrestling, Magnum Pro Wrestling, Main Event World League, Black Diamond Wrestling) and others throughout Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Was also featured on Nationwide Television on Sports Time Ohio for Cleveland All Pro Wrestling (2006-2007). In addition to Wrestling, he has worked in films such as-"Dawn of the Vamprire" under Y-Town Studios where he played a Henchman.-He played an Orderley in the film "My Soul to Take 2" under director Spencer Jay Kim.-Holy Shit Zombies (zombie) and Blood Forest the Legand of Incest Bernie (both by DSK studios).-Shots on Me (Music Video 2015) (College Student / Zombie), A-Wolf in Sheeps Clothing (2017) (Officer Graham Nichols) under Director Eric Prestley-2 Hitter Quitters (2018) (Guy 1) Directed by - Maurandis BergerJohn has also been featured in WOW Xtra magazine, Wrestle America, Pro Wrestling Illustrated highlighting moments in his wrestling career.-Promoter / Booker of Real Action Pro Wrestling, out of Youngstown, Ohio (2010 - Currently)Also featured as a zombie, in an officially licensed The Walking Dead Trading Card set. Drawn by Artist - Daniel Gorman.Also featured in the book 10/31 (Halloween films trivia book) by Author - Gene DeRosa

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