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Jeff has a background in Camera work and traveled the world filming/directing small projects in India and Canada. Then in 2005 he jumped into Acting and then joined SAG. Soon after that he had a small part on a TV show called "Six Degrees" as "Howie". Then Jeff had a small role as "Lenny the Hoagie Vendor" on the TV Series Cold Case. He worked with the Coen Brothers in their feature film "Burn After Reading" as a "Suspicious Man". Jeff worked on "The Lovely Bones" as the "Crime Scene Photographer" and was given direction by Peter Jackson. He had a Recurring Role on AMC's "Rubicon" as a "Cafe Staffer". He also worked on HBOs John Adams Mini Series as a Senator from NC. Jeff has continued to focus on auditioning for National/Regional Commercials and had one Super Bowl Commercial audition. He enjoys cycling, running and working out. Creed 2 is his 100th Union gig!

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