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Ismaelpeter was born on August 14, 1997 in Brooklyn, New York he is of Irish descent. His grandparents Charlotte Mae and George Nelson were born in Cork, Ireland. He is 4th generation Irish. He began his career at the ripe age of 2 1/2 years old. He was photographed by the New York Post in 2000, they loved his look so much that he was in their paper 3 times in a row. Ever since then HE has been making a name for himself. He has appeared in many films and TV shows as a guest star and has done many supporting roles and features. Ismaelpeter has done many music videos for big artists like The Killers, Lil' Mama. Ismaelpeter loves to make people laugh and is very comfortable with his ideas and always wants more. He has been setting high goals for himself.

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