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Giulliana Rocha de Barros Rego was born on 30 July 1991 in Barra da Tijuca, a neighborhood in the southern part of Rio de Janeiro. He made his debut in theater at the age of 11, in 2002, with the play O Cinema e Dança, secondly as protagonist the following year in A Bela e a Fera, soon after A Noviça Rebelde in 2004.In 2010, he made his television debut in the miniseries A Vida Alheia produced by Rede Globo under the direction of Cininha de Paula. Two years later, he participated in the remake of Rebelde, a novel produced by RecordTV, where it was directed by Ivan Zettel. In the year of 2014, appeared in the episode of premiere of the biblical series Milagres de Jesus.Between 2015 at 2017, he joined the stand-ins team of the series Escolinha do Professor Raimundo, adaptation of the original creation of Chico Anysio, where he worked alongside Ellen Roche. In 2016, he starred opposite the actor Bruno Gagliasso during the novel Sol Nascente, a month later reappeared in Malhação: Pro Dia Nascer Feliz, where the character Tânia lived in his youth.After 14 years out of the theater, Giulliana returned in 2018 with the play Noite da Comédia Improvisada at Teatro Leblon in Rio de Janeiro, who stayed had a second season with the actress in September of the same year.

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