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Versatile, diligent character actor Frank Marth was a familiar presence in just about every major American prime-time TV show of the 60's and 70's. The native New Yorker got his big break as a member of Jackie Gleason's stock company, perennially cast as uncredited background characters in Cavalcade of Stars (1949) and The Honeymooners (1955). According to series co-star Audrey Meadows he was "worth his weight in gold". Thereafter, granite-faced, sober-looking Marth became omnipresent on the small screen for more than two decades as tough cops, FBI agents and stern military brass. Amazingly, he was overlooked for the part of a KAOS operative in Max la menace (1965) (which would have been perfect casting !) but made up for it with Luger-wielding Count von Waffenschmidt and assorted SS officers in Stalag 13 (1965). He was also a favorite in anything sci-fi, whether as a sinister alien in Les envahisseurs (1967) or as THRUSH agent Carl Voegler in Des agents très spéciaux (1964). He appeared suitably taciturn as Colonel Brody, stymying dinosaur-hunting Darren McGavin in Dossiers brûlants (1974). Perfectly cast yet again, he gave the medics a hard time as a hard-nosed tank commander in the M*A*S*H episode "Hey, Doc". He had other recurring uniformed roles in Les douze salopards (1988) and Les orages de la guerre (1988).Marth was married to stage and screen actress Hope Holiday.

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