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Elizabeth Arends is an actress from the UK soon to be seen as the leading role in Summerhouse directed by Vladislav Khesin. She was recently seen in Theaters as Florence Liddell in On Wings of Eagles, an unofficial sequel to Chariots of Fire starring Joseph Fiennes and also has a supporting role in Abruptio starring Jordan Peele. She has recently relocated to Los Angeles with a Green Card gained through her UK credits including Sherlock Holmes, which aired on Netflix (Asylum Films), and Ratted Out, which Elizabeth also directed.Her extensive TV credits also include Battle of the Sexes on Lifetime TV and the mini-series Marinho in association with Lionsgate. She has also had guest starred on the the acclaimed British dramas Coronation St and Emmerdale on ITV, and Betrayed which aired on ID Network.Elizabeth is also a Theatre trained actor and has worked off West End in London Theatre's as Lady Anne in Richard III at The Old Vic Theatre, as Lady MacBeth in Macbeth at the Hampstead Theatre and The Phoenician Women playing Eteocles at The Wycombe Swan Theatre. She also performed in the longest running Equity International touring Shakespeare Company in the UK, playing both lead and supporting roles in 'The Merchant of Venice' 'All's Well That End's Well' and 'Cymbeline'.

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