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Diezel Ramos Actor / Writer / ProducerDiezel Ramos, A 5 Time World Champion Powerlifter turned actor. Born in South Bronx NY on February 21 1977, to Italian and Puerto Rican/African American parents. Coming from a broken home and a troubled past, he managed to get himself out of the city and into Ocean City NJ where he met his daughters mom, Kim Richards and where life as he knew it would change for the best.In 2010 Diezel's unique looks, size, and innate talent, was discovered by industry veterans. He was cast in his first principal role, in North Jersey, as a hit-man on Minikin. From that moment on his love for acting grew. With hard work, determination and a few challenges along the way, Ramos has landed many roles and voice-overs one would be proud of, such as,White House Down Fast and The Furious The Last Which Hunter Transformers G.I Joe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Get Hard Olympus Has Fallen The Equalizer and Into The StormNot only did he manage to land great roles. He also became one of the few actors to portray characters for bothMarvel Studios & DC EntertainmentThe Dark Knight Rises Man Of Steel Suicide Squad Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Kingsman: The Secret Service and 20th Century Fox production Fantastic FourRamos is definitely a talent on the rise and is a force to be reckoned with. He continues to thrive through his hard work and perseverance. It is no surprise that Hollywood is pounding on his rising star door!With upcoming productions in the next couple of months, Ramos will be keeping busy getting himself into character. One character being his first leading role, on the set of Garotte, is (Tiny) the mob bosses right hand man who's determined to find the truth, no matter the cost. Directed by Leo Sanderson. He'll also portray (Jose) on Messenger of Wrath Directed by Ryan Callaway (The Enforcer) on Streets of Philly and (Samson) on Vector III Retribution Directed by Micheal Farenilli. Thanks to Ellie B. Brown, he's also been added to her list of lead cast members for the Ellie B Block Party Show coming this fall of 2017.Not only is he keeping busy with new roles and an upcoming show. He's also producing his first web production called "Small Screen to Big Screen and Cooking in Between". Which consists of reviewing & comparing featured films and Classic movies. All while preparing classic favorite foods and new foods with a twist.Ramos isn't just passionate about acting, he also has a passion to help those in need. He has big plans to give back to his community by providing the homeless with care packages and meals. As well as help women, children and teens, that have been broken through different types of abuse, poverty and bullying. All by sharing his own personal story, to give them back hope and help them see the light at the end of the tunnel, the way he was once helped.With his daughter Brianna Ramos as his #1 fan and his main inspiration, she gives him more of a reason to do great in this industry. He is determined to push forward and inspire as many people as he can through his work and personal character. One would say he's more than just an inspiration, some even say he's like a father or big brother, but he's definitely a friend to all. Those who know Diezel would say he is the most humble, hard working, persistent, wise, caring, straight forward kind of guy you'd ever meet. He puts God first and goes above and beyond for those he loves and cares for which makes him a true Super Hero to many.Check out Diezel Ramos on IMDB Facebook Instagram LUKE_CAGE_77 Writer / Producer

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