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David Neil Gragg was born on November 16, 1951 in Morgantown, West Virginia. He is the second oldest of six boys born to Neil Gragg and Nellie Rennie, who is a distant relative of British Actor Michael Rennie. David was raised in NE Ohio where he resides with his wife and family.David's early experience as a performer was as a keyboard player in several bands. A published writer and lecturer, he graduated from The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy in 1976. He has since received subsequent degrees and fellowships from The Weatherhead School of Business , Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of North Carolina.His first appearance in a major film was in The Avengers , where he appeared as an Art Dealer/Museum Patron. He has since appeared in films and television series as coaches, doctors, detectives and public officials.David has trained at The Houde School of Acting.

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