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Britney Meeks was born in Louisville, Kentucky where she resides again today. Her introduction to the Film Industry came unexpectedly in October 2013, when she arrived on set of a Feature Film cast as a background extra. She quickly realized a before unknown passion for Film development and did not restrain from "diving in head-first". In the weeks to follow, as Britney explored the film industry further, connections with the Local Independent Film Community presented themselves and so, her Film Career began. By the beginning of 2014, Britney had the opportunity to work as both an actor and within the production crew of several Independent and notable Feature Films. During this short time, she realized her previous work experiences provided vital knowledge to each project. With over twenty (20) years in business (varying from sales, accounting, development, management and customer service) as well as the meticulous attention to detail required in her ten (10) years in the medical field, Britney found a niche behind the camera and worked diligently to develop her abilities there. Over the next few years, Britney utilized the time and projects presented to her to absorb valuable information from all stages of film development, as well as the knowledge of those around her offering their own experiences in film. Though, not taking moment to learn and expand her capabilities for granted, after working what became a few uncompleted or halted projects, in October of 2016, Britney created her own Production Company, Gryphon Entertainment, Ltd Co. Before the end March of 2017, Britney had been approached by, and named Producer, of six (6) projects to become Full Length Feature Films created by people from all over the United States. Included in them are four (4) "true-to-life" projects with two (2) as told by the individual themselves in both Film and Book (available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and multiple other locations). Presently, Britney is working toward the future. Britney, as an actress and Producer, and Gryphon Entertainment, Ltd Co have twelve (12) film projects of various genres in their slate including; True to Life, Action, Horror, Drama, Science Fiction, and Romantic Drama.

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