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Born and raised in Cohoes New York, Brian always knew that he wanted to perform. While in Hebrew School, at the age of four, Brian was modeling clothes for a fashion show. He still remembers the laughter, oooh's and Aaaah's, and he was hooked. All his energies were focused on stage and film. After college with a degree in Drama, Brian headed for New York City, to start pounding the streets. He auditioned and won a role, traveling across the United States, doing a one man show, education through entertainment. Going to High Schools and college's in 40 of the 48 continental united states. "It taught me great discipline, I had no one to blame but me, if i were late, or if something went wrong with the show. It truly was the best five years of my life". Then it was time to unpack the suitcase, In late 1979, Brian went to an open call for the movie version of They're Playing Our Song He won the role, but had to change his body from a scrawny 110 to that of a baseball athlete. Eight months of weight training, brought him up to where he needed to be and off he went to Hollywood. "Sometimes, I feel like the albatross, when it comes to acting", Brian once quipped. After three weeks of rehearsing, the cast got the news that because of the actors, writers and musicians strike, which was a long strike, the film was cancelled. Brian had no place to go and was not going to give up. He lived out of his car on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard for two weeks, when finally he got the role of George, the Mental Patient on General Hospital. Brian was on the show for nine months. Brian has performed on stage and film from New York to California and now in Florida, where he lives. Musical theater and comedies is home to Brian, but, he auditioned for and won the role of Otto Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank, at a playhouse in Clearwater Florida. Brian was nominated and won, best actor of the year for a drama, in Tampa Bay. As of this writing, Brian is preparing to host a new talk show with a LGBTQ slant, called Here's The Tea !, on youtube. Brian and his husband have been together for over 30 years and were married in Walt Disney World, on a firework cruise in 2015.

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